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Life reminds me of a Camera

Updated: May 14, 2022

Life reminds me of a camera.

So much is taking place around us and it’s a choice what we choose to capture, not just what we look at. There are so many distractions that can entice us to slow down from our intended journey to create memories that cause our lens to need refocusing.

Watching a photographer friend doing a family shoot, it amazed me how focused he was. I wasn’t aware of just how focused that he was to capture so many beautiful memories until the finished product was received. The 20 plus family members were all over the place, but he saw what was needed to be captured to produce his excellent product. He focused on what would be most important to his client/customer. He was so on purpose with the use of his camera(s). He never complained or appeared to be frustrated, he was on a mission. The family consisted of infants to seniors and multi races. There were tons of potential distractions. Looking back gave me 20/20 vision of what took place.

During the photo shoot it began to sprinkle then rain, but that didn’t stop him. He cleaned the lens and changed out the lens as needed to adapt to whatever the situation that was thrown at him. We had no idea what he had to go thru to capture the desired result. Really some of the family members may not have evened cared, about what he was experiencing. All our photos were excellent quality, because he was so focused to capture what he needed to accomplish a magnificent product. I thought, what if I was that focused on what I was called to do, no matter the distractions that were around me.

My life is reminding me of the function of what the camera is intended to do. I need to keep my lens clean and stay in focus of what my calling is. Realizing that every shoot isn’t perfect, but allowing myself to remember that the negatives, like back in the day was processed in the dark room and came out pleasing (Romans 8:28). That photographer set out with a mission to focus on what is/was needed. He discerned which lens to use for the best outcome. The photographer desired to do his best not just for referrals, but also because he was committed to strive for excellence.

My life in the hands of the Lord is to focus (Matthew 6:33) on the Kingdom of God and know that if I don’t allow the distractions around me to get me sidetracked, then the outcome is a sure thing.

Thinking of my life as a camera reminds me that what I capture/record does affect me, and others. I don’t need to take snap shots of stuff that can pollute/dilute the outcome. Sometimes we zoom in on things that would not produce what is required of us. In our Christian walk, we must make sure we are focused on the right subject so that our life reflects the image of Christ that dwells in us.

That camera was in the hand of the professional to be directed at the desired view. I was also reminded that If, I trust the Hand who has me, in His hand (Proverbs 3:5-6), the outcome will be predictable/definite and pleasing not only to the One who has me but also to others. If is a very big little word. The choice is given to us. What shall I focus on?

What does focus on God mean? Focusing on God means being intentional about setting our thoughts and desires on our heavenly Father It means looking at life from the lens of Christ. And choosing to look up to and trust Him irrespective of what is happening around us.

There are a lot of benefits to being more focused on your purpose, it improves clarity, helps us identify what is most important, improves decision making and allows us to be more effective in our calling. Improving my focus increases my effectiveness in Kingdom Work.

As I focus on my calling, there is increase clarity and an understanding on what’s most important. This allows me to get out of often feeling overwhelm. Remembering Philippians 4:6-7 is a prescription of how to correct my lens.

Lack of focus can cause hardships in every area of your life. When you have the wrong focus, all your efforts lead to nothing, which can increase your frustration. When we lack focus, it can confuse other image bearers and make it difficult for them to see clearly what it looks like to follow Jesus. Relationships can be greatly affected because when you lack focus, your mind tends to be scattered. An unstable person in a relationship can cause others to stumble.

Daily I need to depend on the Lord to keep me focused. I need Him to give the tools and show me how to use them for His Glory. My goal is to hear Abba say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Like the Lord sets us up to press into our call/cause, He also gives us opportunities to share our call/gifts with others. I want to refer my Brother Jarvaunn Lindsey of OneTouch Media Graphic Design & Photography Inc. His work is excellent, and I learned so much from his focus on the job. You never know how what you do with excellence inspires others. Thanks so much Jarvaun. Most of all I Bless the Lord.



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