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Autumn Sky





It has very real topics with a very real woman of God.


I love how we were able to share testimonies with each other and talk about the Goodness of The Lord. God gets the glory for all things. Thank you for your encouragement, support, taking the time out to hear my testimony, and your love. I am grateful that God connected me with Healthy Heart 🙌


The sincere desire to share a conversation to develop a healthy heart prospective for all who cross this media's path.


Brother Oniyarabi David

HealthyHeart as a ministry strengthen the issues of my heart, it’s a great social influential ministry. What ABBA is doing through this ministry that draws men to God and populate His Kingdom is “Waooo”.

The support, encouragement, taking time to connect with brethren and finding them out to hear testimonies show of love is so encouraging.


Thanks ma ChaCha for saying “YES LORD” and impacting lives. You have been a great benefit to me and brethren here in Nigeria. I am glad also to know that brethren around you are. praying for us here in Nigeria.

I am grateful that God connected me with HealthyHeart.

Bro. Peter Solomon

The Bible makes us to understand in the book of Proverbs 23:26, “My son, give me your heart and let my eyes delight in my ways.

HealthyHeart is a ministry that God is using in this century to touch the heart of many people through social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Zoom meetings, Instagram, TikTok etc.

The Ministry talks about the matters of heart, salvation experiences and different encounters from God. Your plans and your visions for God’s work and his people. I want to specially appreciate God for this vision seen through our beloved Mother Mama Cha Cha for saying YES LORD to the call of God for impacting many lives through this ministry.

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