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But God: I Wanted a Natural High

Updated: May 14, 2022

BUT GOD is my motto. A motto is a short-term phrase encapsulating a belief.

BUT GOD has moved from a belief to a realization for me. I know without a shadow of doubt that if God hadn’t intervened in my life, I wouldn’t be writing this Blog.

As a teenager, I had an idea of what I wanted life to look like for me. If I had to work, sweating needed to be out of the scenario. Didn’t want any moisture near my head, my hair wouldn’t be able to withstand it. If you have ever experienced getting your hair “pressed” using a “straightening comb” straight off the stove. The comb would lay on the fire until it was red hot, then wiped off with a towel, maybe a little spit to hear the sizzle of the degree of heat and then when it hit your head sometimes you would hear the sizzle from the grease (Blue Magic) that had been applied to the scalp of each small section that would be pressed out. Oh Lord, when it hit the “kitchen” back part of your head, you would try to be as still as possible. Around your ears was touchy because you would have to hold your ear down and be still while feeling that heat. While all this was happening, you hope not to perspire. If you sweat, there was a chance that comb would have to hit that area again where your hair puffed up. If all went well, it could take an hour around that heat, but we had an oscillating fan to circulate non air condition breezes.

One of my friends had “good hair”, it wasn’t as kinky as my hair. She pressed her own hair and her sisters as well. Her sisters’ hair was similar to mine. She had to use lard for grease (they couldn’t afford grease) and no fan. I was grateful for our fan and the patience of my loving mother on my head. Once your hair was straightened, then the pink rollers was next, and you couldn’t tell me nothing the next day when I walked around with my straight hair with curls. A little moisture could take all that cuteness away in a matter of minutes. I knew that I didn’t want to sweat when I grew up. I needed a job were all I did was talk, my mind was made up.

Another thing I wanted was a house full of kids. My hope was that no child would grow up lonely or alone. One stipulation was that they all would have the same last name. Around the age of ten, I found out that my sister and brother didn’t have both our parents in common. I was devastated!!! My children would have all things in common.

During the teen years, I experienced smoking pot. It was settled, I wanted to not sweat, house full of kids, smoke plenty of pot on the porch with yellow curtains.

BUT GOD had a plan for me based on Jeremiah 29:11. After saving me, He began to reveal to me that I was a mess. Reflecting on my various encounters/experiences, my testimony is that I could’ve, would’ve—BUT GOD.

God has given me more than I could’ve ever dream or ask for. Knowing what I know and seeing clearer, I realize the BUT GOD’s have kept me for such a time as this. I know more BUT GOD’s are on the way.

I invite you to reflect on some of your BUT GOD experiences. I would love to hear them and possibly post them.

Hoping to share many BUT GOD Blogs, if He allows for His Glory. Guard your BUT GOD memories. Sometimes life and other issues try to water down your experiences or steal your BUT GOD memories. We all probably can reflect that if you were left to your own mess, you would be even more messy without hope.

Strive for a HEALTHYHEART, and Guard it. Proverbs 4:23.

Love, Cha

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