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But God: I am still Here

Updated: May 14, 2022

Life can be so interesting/challenging/overwhelming for all of us. There are no 2 days alike. We all have hope and dreams, I hope we all do 😊.

Some of our celebrations seem short lived, while disappointments can appear to have a real long-life span. Depression can sit in, which can easily lead into devasting destruction. A few memories came to the forefront of my mind today. I will never forget two occasions. One occasion I hoped to be placed in jail and another time, I was hopeful for my life to end. I did not want to disappoint my family. But GOD……

So grateful that He sees and knows all. In the late 70’s, I set at my desk at work, the office was closed. My mind and heart were all over the place. As a single parent with 2 young children at Christmas time, my resources were extremely limited. I recently collected money for a product that I was selling as a supplement to my job income. I spent all the money for Christmas and other stuff that I thought was essential. My desk was close to the back-exit door of the office. My desk phone rang, I nervously picked it up quickly knowing the switchboard was closed and something must be wrong. Well to my surprise it was a collection agency demanding me to pay the money back immediately or legal actions would happen. He said that I could be locked up. That was the answer to all my questions! I thought if I were in jail, I would not have to figure out how to get out of this mess. I begged him to come and get me right then. I said, I am at the back door and would let the police officers in to retrieve me. He calmed me down and said that they would contact me after the holidays. But God…… He saw me thru, my kids had presents and I later made payment arrangements to satisfy my debt. Looking back, I see that God encouraged me thru a Collector. Hindsight vision is often 20/20.

Mid 80” s – I decided that I would lock myself in a bedroom with my newborn and just die. BUT GOD encouraged me when I could not encourage myself. My father had a heart attack, visitation was only twice a day for only 15 minutes. Two weeks prior I had a c-section and my automobile was a 4-speed stick shift. Switching gears in the car, small newborn, 2 other children, sick daddy, homemaking, and a husband was overwhelming. My chest was heavy. But God allowed me to go to sleep and get some peaceful rest. Here I am 34 years later seeing in hindsight, how could I not love and Praise the Lord for all the BUT GOD’S! THERE ARE SO MANY BUT GOD’s.

If you do not know Jesus in the pardon of your sins, I employ you to get to know Him. Now I understand the But God’s even the more.

Trust Him,


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